AJ Douglas 

,  I contacted jackie who is local to me for help with my wish to loose weight , i suspected that my eating habits were somehow connected to the recent loss of my mum . Jackie helped me via her skills not only as a great hypnotherapist but also via her down to earth humanity , professional and person centred focusing to allow me to feel comfortable and relaxed enough  to see that i was ready to move forward and take control of my future through  the reflection of my feelings about my recent loss. i fully recomend jackie to anyone who requires a wee hand and a freiendly ear. 

Ian Allardice

I came to Jacky after I found myself struggling to beat the final hurdle in my drive to quit smoking, I had all the knowledge and want yet couldn't walk away. Jacky was brilliant, she helped me relax, pinpointed the areas that would most help me to eliminate the cigarettes from my life and guided me through the process. once the session was completed, I left her truly believing I was already an ex smoker and haven't touched, thought about or wanted a cigarette since. Thank you Jacky, for your support, help and fantastic hypnotherapy

Kerry Watt

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“This lady has helped me immensely. My anxiety was at a very dangerous level, whereby I couldn’t leave the house on my own. I am now able to leave when I choose and with no anxious feelings whatsoever. I would very highly recommend Jacky!!! She has changed my life.”

Nicola Ann Holt, Irvine

“I went for my first Hypnotherapy session a few weeks ago with Jacky and I honestly could not recommend her enough if this is something you are thinking about doing. I initially went for stopping smoking, I already know Jacky so we were having a “chat” about my everyday life beforehand. We did the session which I was totally not expecting – you are completely aware of what's going on I thought I would be totally under a spell. I’ll not go into the details about how it was done but I will say it’s relaxing and not daunting at all. I left feeling not much different, to be honest, calmer I suppose, questioning if I actually wanted a cigarette or not. I suppose it is all in the mind after all.

Anyway cut a long story short I never stopped smoking but I did make some major changes in my life that were all down to anxiety & stress – something I said I didn’t have and it took me a week or so to realise it was after my session I felt ready to make those changes. Since having my session with Jackie I would hand on heart say I have a totally different approach to certain things that were getting on top of me in my life and I will be forever grateful to Jackie for seeing that and working on that rather than the stopping smoking I went for. She knew I wasn’t ready for that and I’m so thankful she used her professional judgement on me to allow me to see things in a different light.I’ll be back to you soon Jackie for the stopping smoking when I know the time is right.

I want to leave this review for others to see that may need Jackie’s help, you won’t be disappointed she is one of the most understanding, comforting and loveliest people I know, trust in her xxx “

Sara Bingham, Sassys Irvine

I contacted Jackie a few weeks ago to ask if she could help me with my severe spider phobia. It had gotten to the stage it was affecting my everyday life and the fear was so intense I even thought of moving in with my daughter. I couldn't walk into a room without first scanning it for any sign of a spider. Even talking about them or seeing a picture of one made me feel physically sick and my anxiety went off the scale. I knew I really had to clear my house and decorate but the fear of seeing a spider was just too much and I couldn't bring myself to do it.
This is when I contacted Jackie and asked if she could help me. I had my 1st session with her last week and I can't believe the difference in me. So much so that I have managed to clear out my kitchen to get it decorated and I came across 2 spiders which I calmly dealt with and moved on without a care or worry!! I'm now onto the living room. And not a thought has been given about spiders or finding one, as I know I can deal with it without a panic attack and sending my anxiety through the roof!! My friends and family are so shocked at how calm I am and how I am managing to deal with spiders....considering the states they are used to seeing me!!
I really can't believe the difference as I have had a spider phobia all my life, but it was getting worse the older I got. I highly recommend Jackie for any fears or phobias u may have as she certainly can make such a difference to your life....I just wish I had found her sooner 😀
Due to the coronavirus I had my session via online video call. Jackie is such a lovely person who puts u straight at ease and makes u feel so relaxed. She also answers all ur questions and explains the full process of the session and how hypnotherapy works.
I honestly can't thank Jackie enough for the help and the difference she has made to my life. So if ur thinking of hypnotherapy for any fear or phobia I would very highly recommend this lovely lady. Just send her a message or give her a call coz it's the first step to freedom of things that are holding u back and affecting ur life!
Thank u so much Jackie, u really have made such a difference to my life x