Meet Jacqueline


My Journey Begins

Running out of the door of my childhood home at 17, terrified I was going to miss the train, didn’t really give me much time for reflection. I was off to join the RAF and was excitedly imagining all the adventures I was about to experience. My journey had begun and I was ready for it..oh the ignorant bliss of youth!

My maternal Great Gran, Gran and Mother had all had an interest in herbs and natural healing and, as I got older, I started to look at alternative medicines, eventually studying Reflexology at Jordan Hill, Indian Head Massage and Massage at Glasgow college. I was fascinated by the correlation between physical and mental health and how the mind and body worked. This led me to University where I studied Psychology over 5 years but I still felt wasn’t getting to the root of things and started to look around for answers to how and why we behave in certain ways.

Therefore, when on an outward bound course in England, I met a charismatic ex-Army Captain who was answering these questions for me, I immediately decided I was going to study NLP and Hypnotherapy with him. At this time, stories about soldiers suffering from mental health issues and PTSD, were in the news almost every day. I began to work almost exclusively with ex-forces personnel, both Military and Police, as well as young people who self-harmed. The work was emotional but I gained valuable insight and experience into anxiety, depression and the resilience of the human mind.

Realising in 2018 that my qualifications were not accredited with the General Hypnotherapy Council I found Andy Griffiths in Glasgow and studied the Diploma course from the beginning. Working with Andy was a revelation, his knowledge and ability to impart that knowledge is amazing. Over the months we were all learning and practising, we learnt from each other, as well as Andy. It was a wonderful time for me in my personal and professional development. I am now qualified and accredited with the GHC and CNHC.

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